Potty Training Pants, White

  • Potty training pants to help your toddler get used to using the potty or toilet
  • Comfortable and easy for your child to take off and put on.
  • Built-in layers of interior padding add protection without bulk.
  • Easy for little ones to take off and put on by themselves
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Real Nappies Potty Training Pants are thick enough to contain accidents but allow your child to feel wet and increase their awareness of needing to use the bathroom.

Easy for children to take on and off, but snug enough to contain mess without adding a lot of bulk to clothes and pants.

These training pants are snug fitting and have tight leg holes, so be sure to buy the next size from your child's regular size.


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Customer Reviews

  1. hmmm

    by Crown of Jewels on April 26, 2012

    OK. So, I love the company, I love their other products, and I wanted to love these. But, I don't. As noted in another review, these would have to be for a super skinny child. We bought the correct size for our kiddo's weight, and the leg holes were waaaaayy to small. We bought the next size up, and although they seemed at first like they'd work, with additional washings, those leg holes too became too small. My children are probably average in body size. They are not at all chunky. In fact, though the leg holes were too small, the waist was sort of too loose. Great, great concept, and I would have been thrilled had the fit been what we needed. I hate hate hate going through the pullups, and I also don't how they don't let a kiddo feel when they're wet. So, if this product could be made to work, I'd say go for it. They are not meant to be worn overnight, nor can they soak up a ton. But, you also won't be cleaning up pools of potty in various inconvenient locations. And your kiddo will be able to feel when they've had an accident and get experience some of the physical feedback of an accident, which can help in motivation. Perhaps if you were to be able to order the largest size it would work? And perhaps the company will adjust sizing a little. We also had a freak situation where the inside of the pants stuck to itself and wouldn't release and lay flat again. We've sent all ours back for a refund, and the customer service has been very courteous and helpful. If you can make it work, I'd give these a try.
  2. Best all around cloth diaper system

    by Francis Frost on February 5, 2012

    We bought the birth-to-potty pack before our boy was born. He is our first and as you know a first time parent has NO IDEA what they need for the coming arrival. The birth-to-potty had everything we needed from the time we left the hospital to now. Great products, long lasting and good for the environment! 5 Stars!!!
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